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A Master CREIA Inspector (MCI) is the highest rating that can be obtained through CREIA. This designation is only given to those inspectors that have obtained over 100 hours of additional training, performed over 1000 inspections, and have been tested for knowledge above the already high standards set for CCI members of CREIA

Sample Report

The inspection report is compiled and printed on site using a pen based computer, specialized software and a laser printer. The benefit of this system over check list reports or reports that are mailed is that this narrative report is easy to follow and items or observations are explained in detail. Included with the inspection report is a Report Summary. The buyer and Realtor will have a clear and immediate understanding of the items that need attention or repairs.

The client receives a 3 ring binder with, Report Summary, Inspection Report, a Reference Section and a full color Sunset Repair Manual. The client is encouraged to attend the inspection and call with any questions after the inspection.

Sample Inspection Report

Sample Inspection Summary